License A - for performing tourist activity

Ohrid Holidays is a specialized agency for thematic organized Incoming Tourism in Macedonia and in Team Building activities. In that order, we have succeeded to attract a lot of guests from various European countries and attained a high level rating in this kind of tourism.

Our office

Our basic aim is to offer our Thematic organized programs to the interested Tour operators from all over the world, and to all interested Organizations or Individuals who want to experience Macedonia in a specific way.
The second goal of our agency is taking care of the Environment, the Culture and the Tradition of our country. We do take this kind of tourism as our main obligation through which we will succeed to preserve the natural beauties, multicultural elements of our society, the ambient of the Macedonian villages, tradition and the folk dances and music in Macedonia, as well.

Beside the Thematic organized tourism, our agency offers a vast number of other services for everybody:

- Plane tickets sales for all the destinations (e-mail bookings)
- Hotel services in Macedonia
- Individual and group transfers in Macedonia and wider on the Balkans
- Rent-a-car services
- Local and city guiding

Our general host address is: