Excursion – The Pearl of Balkan – Ohrid

OhridC   The ancient city of Ohrid, also called: Slavic Jerusalem, situated along the coast of the magnificent Lake Ohrid,is undoubtedly the most beautiful and attractive Macedonian town, a pearl of old architecture and treasury of valuable cultural and historical monuments under complete UNESCO’s protection. It exist for about 2500 years and its ancient name was Lichnidos, which was use to refer to the settlement of Ohrid and, lake. The first Slavic University was founded right here by St. Clement and St. Naum in the area called Plaoshnik. There were 365 churches and monasteries in the Ohrid surrounding, one for each day of the year.
Ohrid is not only nice cultural but a tourist centre as well and every visitor may find fun here. One big treasure but a wonderful curiosity is the fact that Ohrid Lake is the biggest natural reservoir of fauna and flora in entire Europe. With its surface of 358 sq. km its depth of 288,7 m and its crystal transparency up to 21,5 meters deep, often this lake is called Macedonian Freshwater Sea by the scientists.
One Day is not enough for visiting all this cultural and historical monuments, but our experience guide will express you all with his interesting story.

Included on price: - Guide Included on program: - Visiting church of st. Sofija - Visiting the ancient Theatre - Visiting chrch of st. Virgin Mary (Perivlepta) - Visiting church of st. Kliment (Plaoshnik) - Driving with small boats on the lake Price: 15 - eur p.p. You are required to make all the reservations on  info@ohridholidays.com or you can book this excursion on "book form" on right side of this page. ->

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