Excursion – Pelican Island

PustecC    Visiting the village Pustec, located on the west coast of lake Prespa. This is a part of Albania where many Macedonians live and still speak the original Macedonian language. You will have opportunity to meet and explore their culture, mentality and lifestyle which remains on the past, we will visit the village of Pustec, located on lower Prespa on the west coast of Prespa lake, the second largest lake in Macedonia. We will present everyday life of the local villagers of Pustec, and their basic profesions: Fishing, animal husbandry, agriculture.

On 10 min distance from village Pustec,with small boats we will visit small island – Small city.
Small city
is located on the Albanian part of Prespa lake, rich with lots of caves hided on the rock, and in the heart of this amazing island stays church st.Marija, built from Qesar Novaku in 1369.


The church st. Marija has so many beautiful frescos, dating from the 14-century. After visiting the Island we’ll be back in the village where we will have lunch in restaurant located on the coast of the lake.

Included on price: - Guide - Transfers - Organized lunch in restaurant Included on program: - Visiting village of Pustec - Visiting the Island - Visiting church of st. Marija Price: 39 - eur p.p. You are required to make all the reservations on info@ohridholidays.com or you can book this excursion on "book form" on right side of this page. ->

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August 10, 2019

Deze excursie viel erg tegen. Er staat hier duidelijk dat je het eiland op gaat, dit is net zo geweest bij ons. Wij gingen in een vrij rap tempo op het eiland heen en weer terug om naar de lunch te gaan (die was overigens wel erg lekker en voldoende).

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