8 day special tour through east Macedonia enriched with the music from the region. During this trip we will visit traditional villages, old monasteries, we are going to listen the original music and we will taste the wines and traditional cuisine.

Day 1.
Arrival in Skopje. The trip extends to the east of Macedonia through the city “Kocani” (city of the Macedonian rice fields) direction Berovo. Arrival and check in, in hotel “Manastir”. Dinner enriched with the shepherds music (example shepherd bagpipes and flute).
Day 2.
Mountain adventure in the mountains “Malesevski Planini”.A short walk through the special landscape of this region, visit to the residents and introduction to the daily lives of these people.Organized lunch in nature.Free afternoon. Overnight in Berovo.


Day 3.
Breakfast  and departure to Strumica, (the extreme southeast of Macedonia). Strumica is a city of a colorful mix of different customs and cultures. In check in our accommodation.Tour of the historic sites of Strumica and its surroundings. In the afternoon we will visit the 2 most popular monasteries of this region, “Vadioca” en “Veleusa”
The monastery Vadioca is not only for religion purposes for the people, but also a historical place.
On this spot in the 11 century, 14,000 soldiers of the Macedonian army were blinded by the Byzantines and sent back to their king. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.


Day 4.
Free morning. In the afternoon we will visit the villages of Belasica which lies in the mountains. Here we are going to see the roman spa of “Bansko”  also we will visit the Macedonian Smolari waterfall a short walk followed by an evening meal in a traditional village house in the town of Gabrovo.
There might be the chance to bring a visit to the local gypsy population, they will make traditional music for us, in the hearts of the gypsy slums. (costs 10 euro p.p.).


Day 5.
Day reserved for the new wines from the old world. We are leaving Strumica, and we are heading to the biggest whine region of the country.On our way there we will take the time to see the early Christian excavations of Stobi. Later in the afternoon we arrive to our accommodation, Popova Kula. Which  lies between wine gardens not far away from the city Demir Kapija. We will end this day with nothing more than the extensive wine tradition of Macedonia.
Expert information and wine tasting of the wines of Popova Kula
. (costs ca. 10 euro p.p.) Diner and overnight in Popova Kula.


Day 6.
Day reserved for visiting the lake of Dojran or for a visit to Thessaloniki.
Diner and overnight in Popova Kula.


Day 7.
Departure to Skopje. Arrival and in check in hotel Belvi. We will spend our day in Skopje.
To see the beauties of the Capital, the bazaar, mosques, the holy church of St.Spas, the national museum and the monument of mother Theresa.
Diner and overnight in Hotel Belvi.


Day 8.
Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

Minimum participants:  16

Included in the tour:
· 1 night in hotel Manastir in Berovo based on HB.
· 1 night in hotel Manastir in Berovo based on BB.
· 2 nights in hotel Ilinden Strumica based on BB.
· 2 nights in Popova Kula based on BB.
· 1 night in hotel Belvi based on HB.
· Permanent English-speaking guide, day 1 till day 8.
· All transfers and bus tours by comfortable minibus or bus.
· Organized lamb lunch in nature on day 2.
· Diner in the village Gabrovo on day 5.
· Gypsy music on day 5 (optionally).
· Wine tasting in Popova Kula on day 5 (optionally)

You are required to make all the reservations on  info@ohridholidays.com