15 days  round trip through the beauties of Macedonia.We are going to visit traditional villages, old monasteries, listen the original music and we will taste the wines and traditional cuisine.

Day 1.
Arrival in Skopje and transfer to Mavrovo. Accommodation in hotel Alpina free time for rest. Traditional dinner in hotel Alpina placed nearby the lake, in the foothill of the mountain.
Day 2.
Going uphill Bistra, up to a certain point with the ski - lift and a walking adventure up on 1500 - 2000 metres OSL. The length of the tour is around 14 km, height difference around 400 m, coming back to Mavrovo, last trace by the ski - lift.
Free time, dinner in hotel Alpina. This tour is escorted and co-lead by our guide.


Day 3.
Bus transfer up to the village Galicnik, well known by the traditional Wedding ceremony in July, on St. Peter’s day. sightseeing of the village. Walking downhill from Galicnik to the village Janche. The length of this walk is something around 7.5 km and height difference of 500 m. Brake for an easy lunch in the village.
Following the river Radika to Debar. A short visit of St. George nun monastery, short sightseeing of  Debar with a conceivable coffee pause. Continuing to Ohrid, the cradle of Macedonian and Slavic orthodox religion, culture and tradition. Depending on the arrival, sightseeing of Ohrid with a short brake. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Milenium.


Day 4.
A walking tour on the slope of the mountain Galicica, starting from village of Velestovo, through Konjsko and Elsani to te village of Pestani. The length of this trace is around 11.5 km (between 4.5 - 5.5 hours), and height difference of uphill walk of 400 m and downhill walk of 200m.Transfer back to the hotel Milenium, free time for visiting Ohrid depending on your desire. Dinner at hotel Milenium.


Day 5.
After the breakfast, continuing the walk trip try the villages located by the shore of the lake. From Pestani through the place called Pole (The Field) to the village Trpeica. The length of this walk is around 10.5 km, height difference of 350 m.
An easy lunch brake in Trpeica. A boat transfer from Trpeica to the monastery of St. Naum, one of the most beautiful places on the Balkan. Boats on this trip are traditional Ohrid little boats, that local people use for fishing. Visit of the monastery and sightseeing of the springs of the river Drim which flows through the lake, this sightseeing goes only in rowing boats. A boat transfer back from St. Naum monastery to Ohrid. Dinner at hotel Milenium.


Day 6.
After the breakfast, the tour goes to Prespa Lake, on the road over the mountain Galicica, which separates the two lakes. A short coffee brake on the coast of the lake. Continuing to the village Kurbinovo and visit of the Church of St. George. The church was built in 1191, and has some very prepossessing frescoes that strike the visitors with their magnetism, measured among the unique ones in Orthodox world. Walking through the hill between St. Georges church and the Monastery Slivnica, the next point of the trip. This monastery dates from the 17th century. A short lunch pause in the monastery yard. Walking tour from the monastery to the village Slivnica, which is placed 4 km beneath the monastery. The length of this tour is 9.5 km, height difference 150 - 200 m up and down. Transfer to mountain Baba and it’s top Pelister. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Sator, which is placed on 1400 m OSL, under the beauty of Pelister.


Day 7.
Breakfast.  Walking mountain adventure on Pelister,conquering the top optionally. Reaching the starting point of your walk by Jeeps, (from 1850 - 2000 m, by choice) Walking to the top of Pelister, and downhill to Little Lake. A walk to the Big Lake after the lunch pause at Little Lake. Sightseeing of Prespa Lake which you may see from above, as it’s on the palm of your hand. Jeeps wait near the mountain house at the Big Lake.A short tea brake at Big Lake, driving back to hotel Sator.
The length of this tour is around 12 - 12.5 km, (5.5 - 6 hours) with a height difference between 400 and 450 metres.
Rest and dinner at hotel Sator.


Day 8.
Relaxing day at the end of the first half of your tour. Visit of the city Bitola and meeting with a great part of Macedonian history. Starting with the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis, through our further history, churches and mosques, the Wide Street, the “City of Consuls” will open its heart to you.The old market and Little Monmartre, indeed.Free time in the city, after the sightseeing of Bitola. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Sator.


Day 9.
Direction - Eastern Macedonia,after the breakfast, first a short visit of the city of tobacco ”Prilep” and the monastery Treskavec. They say Treskavec is taking your breath three times, once while going up to it, once you’re there and finally when you leave it. Bus transfer to the starting point of your walk. This tour is long around 8 km, 2.5 hours up and something around 2 hours going down. Transfer to Strumica after the coming back from Treskavec.Dinner in one of many city restaurants. Accommodation in hotel Ilinden (St. Elias Day).


Day 10.
Transfer from Strumica to the village Smolare, after the breakfast. The stone stairs that were built thanks to the donation of King Boudewijn from Belgium, will lead you to the biggest waterfall in Macedonia. Not because of its dimensions (water falls from 36 metres height) but to other specific things that are connected to it and to the mountain Belasica, one of the oldest mountains in Europe, full of thousands specific and some unique species of European fauna, this part of the tour will attract your attention. After a short pause, walking to the village Mokrino and further to Kolesino,the second waterfall. The tour continues to the village Gabrovo, placed over the battle field from 1014, the battle between Samuil and Vasilij.Dinner in a typical East - Macedonian village house, traditional preparing of the dish.The length of this tour is 16 km, 5.5 to 6 hours, and height difference of 200 m.


Day 11.
Visit to Strumica churches after the breakfast. The area is multi-confessional part of Macedonia, you may meet all the religions here. A liturgy in the Orthodox or a mass in the Catholic Church, optionally. A relaxing walk to the St. Ilija (St. Elias) monastery up in the hills over Strumica, a circle around with a short lunch pause, and visit to the church St. Fifteen Martyrs, from the 4th century AC.A glance to the life and habits of Strumica Gypsies. Visit of Vodoca and Veljusa (Mercy Eleusa) monasteries, after taking some rest in the hotel. You will feel the quietness and bless in nun monastery Veljusa.
This tour is combined, the walking part is around 13 km and a height difference between 300 and 350 metres, and a transfer to the monasteries. Dinner in one of city’s restaurants, relaxing and free time after. Accommodation in hotel Ilinden.


Day 12.
Departure to Berovo after the breakfast. Starting point of the walk is the little mountain village Dvoriste (The Yard). Mountain walk through the beautiful area, often called Macedonian Switzerland, up to dam of the artificial Berovo lake. Bus transfer from the lake to the hotel Manastir (Monastery). The length of this tour is 16 km with a height difference of 400 m up and 300 m downhill. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Manastir.


Day 13.
Your bus will drive you to the place called Przo on Obozna, after the breakfast. You have a nice 4.5 - 5 hours walk through the beauty of Malesevski Mountains, with a short brake at the Sheppard cabins. This walk ends in the village Budinarci, an authentically eastern Macedonia place, and you’ll take your chance to mix yourself with the local people. A traditional table in a village yard, enriched with their manufacture works and traditional songs and dances. The length of your walk today is something around 13 km, with a height difference of 250-300 metres. Transfer to hotel Monastery afterward.


Day 14.
Departure to the capitol Skopje after the breakfast.A short pause in the area of Kocani, just to see one more “face” of your host country, the rice fields. Accommodation in Holiday- Inn hotel in Skopje, you have free time for a sightseeing of the city. Guide help - optionally.Final dinner in some of better city restaurants.


Day 15.
Breakfast, a little walking brake, transfer to the airport and departure.
We do hope you’ll remember us…


- Transfers with modern  minibus, Local guide

- Accommodation in hotels, tourist fee,

- administration and reservation costs and all other elements mentioned in the program text bellow.

Not included:

- entrance fee (e.g. museum’s);

You are required to make all the reservations on  info@ohridholidays.com