This 10-days trip will show you the beauties in the western part of Macedonia. It is a tour, one that tries to submerge the traveller in atmosphere, in the subtleties of local culture, cuisine and in the magical landscapes Macedonia is blessed with.

Day 1.
Arrival in Skopje airport and transfer to Mavrovo. The road is passing nearby Tetovo. According to the time of arrival a visit to Tetovo, and the decorated Mosque. Built in 1459, the mosque is a unique monument and a land mark of Tetovo. It’s decorated inside and outside, as well. A short coffee brake optionally, and continuing to national park Mavrovo. Arrival in Mavrovo and accommodation in hotel Alpina. The hotel is placed on the coast of Mavrovo Lake, 1200 metres above sea. Traditional dinner.
Day 2.
Breakfast and a 5 hour program on Bistra mountain. The ski-lift will leave you on 1600 metres and you may enjoy in the beauties of the mountain, an easy walk and meetings with the local shepherds, visit to their sheepfold. The bus is waiting on the mountain road to bring you in Galicnik. Located  on the slopes of the Bistra mountain, in the heart of the region of the Mijaci tribe, about 10 km from the artificial lake of Mavrovo and the winter resort of Zare Lazareski. It is famous for the "Galicka Svadba", a traditional and public summer wedding, held annually on the day of the village feast of the Patron Saint – Petrovden (St. Peter's day). During the wedding, local men will dance the "Teskoto" (the "hard" or "heavy") - a dance that is meant to symbolise the overcoming of difficulties in life. After return to the hotel, optionally bike riding around the lake. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Alpina.


Day 3.
Bus transfer up to the village Galicnik, well known by the traditional Wedding ceremony in July, on St. Peter’s day. sightseeing of the village. Walking downhill from Galicnik to the village Janche. The length of this walk is something around 7.5 km and height difference of 500 m. Brake for an easy lunch in the village.
Following the river Radika to Debar. A short visit of St. George nun monastery, short sightseeing of  Debar with a conceivable coffee pause. Continuing to Ohrid, the cradle of Macedonian and Slavic orthodox religion, culture and tradition. Depending on the arrival, sightseeing of Ohrid with a short brake. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Milenium.


Day 4.
If you take a glance on right from your hotel Biser, you will see a wonderful monastery - the monastery dedicated to Holy Mother of God, and on the south of it the Cave church St. Athanasius, from the 14th century, the bishop of Alexandria. The greatest composition of medieval fine art in the Struga district is preserved inside this church. Today is the day to visit this church. A visit of another Cave church St. Archangel Michael from 13-14th century in Radozda, only 4 km up in the hills and than back to the coast. Struga is the Town of Poetry, an eternal inspiration for poets from all over the world. Since 1962, each year at the second half of August, the Struga Poetry Evenings held in honour of brothers Miladinovci, have gathered poets from all the continents. The Struga Poetry Festival is one of the oldest, largest, and most renowned of its kind in the world. At the spectacular poetic event entitled "Bridges", poets read their works from the bridge under which the River Crni Drim flows out of Lake Ohrid, before an audience of some ten thousand people. Some of the greatest poets of the world are recipients of the Golden Wreath, the highest accolade of the festival.
Struga sightseeing after St. Archangel Michael church visit. The house of Miladinovi brothers, and the Natural History Museum, founded in 1928 by Dr. Nikolay Nezlobinski, the bridges on the river where the festival takes place. Optionally, a visit to the village Vevcani after the lunch brake in Struga. The lunch brake may optionally be taken in Vevcani. Dinner and accommodation in your hotel.


Day 5.
After the breakfast continuing to Ohrid and accommodation in hotel Millennium Palace. The tour goes to the small fisherman village Trpeica, on the middle between Ohrid and St. Naum monastery. Organised lunch in restaurants on the coast. Continuing to St. Naum monastery, optionally hiring a typical Ohrid fisherman boat (“kajce”) from Trpeica to St. Naum, and a visit to the small Zaum church. Today you follow the path of St. Naum, meeting the legends of all the miracles he made before and after he built his church on the top of the rock. Visit of the monastery and the Springs of Black (Crni) Drim river, you may enjoy in the rowing boat on the springs site. Dinner at your own choice in Ohrid.


Day 6.
Sightseeing of the beauties of Ohrid in the morning A free afternoon for your own activities in Ohrid. Organised dinner restaurant. Accommodation in Millennium Palace.


Day 7.
After the breakfast, the tour goes to east, over Galicica Mountain, which divides the two lakes: Ohrid and Prespa Lake. You may see Ohrid Lake like on the palm of your hand from here, take a little rest and continue. A few minutes later you’ll see the other lake - Prespa Lake, the second largest lake in Macedonia (274 sq. km), placed between the two national parks: Galicica and Pelister. Quiet and peaceful, the lake will attract your attention with the various species of birds inhabiting the lake area, fisherman cabins and very interesting nature. A short coffee brake and continuing to the Eastern part of the lake. Visit of the Private Ethnological Museum in the village of Podmocani (this possibility may be optional) and to one of the rarest fresco-painting churches in Macedonia, the church of St. George over the little village Kurbinovo. Most of the frescoes date from the year 1191 and have priceless value. The tour stops in the little village Maloviste, under Pelister then. Mostly inhabited by Vlachs (or Aromanians) and almost abandoned, the village will open its heart in front of you in its picturesque nature. A few houses are inhabited only, and this was one of the biggest villages in the past. You may conclude this as you enter their village church, built to serve a settlement of more than 3000 people. But, the cruel conditions pushed these people to look for a better future abroad or in the near Bitola partly, and their own genes partly. The bus will drive you to your hotel Sator, placed in the foothill of Baba Mountain and Pelister. You may take a nice and relaxing walk in the afternoon, up to your choice. Dinner and accommodation in hotel Sator.

Vlachs are nomads, present in these areas since Byzantine times, always changing the place of living, accepting the religion, language and habits of the others, mixing with others, but also belonging to their own roots and culture. The records from 1994 show that they were something around 8500 in Macedonia.


Day 8.
A day to visit and meet Bitola - The City of Consuls. Being the second largest city in Macedonia, it will show its charm to you starting from the ancient Heraclea through the churches (St. Dimitrius is one of the most beautiful churches in Macedonia), the National Museum and the room of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Modern Turk Society, The Wide street and Small Monmartre are unique places to be seen. Free afternoon in the city, dinner and accommodation in hotel Sator.


Day 9.
After the breakfast, the tour is going to the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Prilep - the Tobacco city is the first stop on that route. A coffee brake and optionally seeing of one of the “natural” wanders, the “Sitting Elephant” made by the eternal master of beauty - the Nature itself - a rock that looks like an elephant sitting in front of you. The road goes to east further on, crossing the natural border - Vardar river, optionally sight seeing of the archaeological site Stobi (if the thermometer allows that - the temperature may jump close to 50 Celsius in the summertime here), and on the highway to Skopje. Sight seeing of Skopje, organised final dinner in some of the better city restaurants, accommodation in hotel Holiday Inn.


Day 10.
Return to your home country.

Minimum participants:  16

Price includes:

Bus transfer, tour attendant, local guides where necessary,

HB accommodation in double bed room and all other activities as described in the program.

Price doesn’t include:

Plane ticket, airport taxes,

personal insurance and tickets for entrance in the objects in Macedonia.

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